Roberto Martorana Picture

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea is an organization that brings together companies and agencies interested in developing relations between Italy and the Republic of Korea.

ITCCK carries out a wide range of activities, with the main goal of facilitating the establishment of business relations between Italian and Korean enterprises. It is possible thanks to its role of link between the two countries, the continuous information and communication actions and the constant monitoring of the sectors’ trends both in Italy and Republic of Korea.

The Chamber promotes, fosters, supports and represents in Korea the interests of its members, Italian and Korean, and their needs. Each of them is free to contact the organization or to utilize the forum provided on a continuous basis, able to identify, examine and discuss matters of common interest affecting their economic, industrial and commercial strategies.

Furthermore, the Chamber acts in close relation with all the sections of the Italian Embassy, reference point of the activities the Italian Chamber of Commerce develops. The Chamber has strong connections and contacts with the other foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea, the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry and key Korean Ministries, as well as other governmental and local administrations, Authorities, business associations and lobbying groups.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea is also a reference point for the Italian local governments, public and private organizations, business associations and individual companies. It is always ready to give a professional support to their projects towards the Republic of Korea, to advice them about the opportunities they can find in the Korean market, the appropriate actions to hold and the proper ways to approach the country.

Roberto Martorana
ITCCK Secretary General