Established in May 2008 and recognized by the Italian Government in 2013, the ITCCK has been working tirelessly, always in synergy with all the sections of the Italian Embassy. The activities of the ITCCK have been developed with the Italian system of the Chambers of Commerce and all the Italian and Korean entities, such as institutions, companies and others looking for opportunities, with the aim of facilitating and strengthening the relations between Italy and the Republic of Korea.

In collaboration with Italian and Korean institutions and public and private organizations, in 2017 the ITCCK managed projects, organized several outgoing and incoming entrepreneurial delegations, arranged and sponsored networking events, promoted the Italian cuisine through targeted events and mainly with the successful Italian sixth Food Festival and provided help to both Italian and Korean entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in different fields.

Let me thank all the members and friends of our Chamber of the continuous support during our activities. I also wish to acknowledge the dedicated efforts of our President and Vice Presidents, the ITCCK Board and, in particular, H.E. Marco Della Seta, the Italian Ambassador and ITCCK Honorary President and the Embassy staff for their continuous support, advice and suggestions.

ITCCK Secretary General