Ambasciatore Mercuri Picture

I am very pleased to assume the office of Honorary President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, thus continuing the tradition inaugurated by my predecessors.

The Chamber has steadily grown over the past few years. It now boasts a remarkable number of members (one hundred and ten) and has become a reference for Italian institutions and companies which are eager to do business in the well developed and still fast-growing Korean market. The ITCCK thus acts as a bridge between the two countries: it contributes to the expansion of trade flows, to the enlargement of economic cooperation and, last but not least, to a better mutual knowledge.

The Chamber, officially recognized by the Italian government, also performs the important role of linking private operators and public institutions. I therefore want to encourage its members to rely on the Italian institutional presence in Korea, starting with the Embassy: you are very welcome to illustrate your activities, advance proposals, and report any problems. At the same time, I hope that other Italian and Korean companies will decide to subscribe to ITCCK, so as to increase the prominence and visibility of the whole Italian system in Korea.

That is why I intend to rely on the Chamber of Commerce as a key partner for the successful performance of my new tenure as Ambassador to the Republic of Korea.

To conclude with, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to the staff of ITCCK, to the Board and to all the members. I wish you the utmost success in your work and ask everyone to continue to enthusiastically contribute to the consolidation of relations between Italy and South Korea.

Marco della Seta