Nicolas Piccato Picture

As the President of the ITCCK, I’m happy to say that in my first year at the Chamber I’ve been quite engaged with the Board, the Secretary General and all the staff in order to guarantee to all our members the best possible performance of the ITCKK.

We have worked to improve our efficiency, reviewed our programs and events to make positive changes, and enhanced the benefits of membership through more networking events. Our team is stronger than ever and always here to assist our members. I want to thank the Board for the incredible support they have given to me and the ITCCK in these past 12 months, as well as the ITCCK staff for their dedication and passion they are putting into their jobs every day. Let me also thank the Ambassador of Italy to Korea, H.E. Marco della Seta, as well as the Embassy as a whole and all the Italian institutions based in this country for the fundamental cooperation with ITCCK activities. I am very pleased to tell all the ITCCK members that the Embassy in particular is very engaged in supporting the Chamber with activities, ideas, events, information sharing and promotion within the institutions and missions visiting Seoul from Italy. The “Sistema Italia” in Korea is in good shape: we are able to promote outstanding products and services in Korea with passion, continuously highlighting "Made in Italy", while counting on the cooperation among all players and institutions. All these components are key success factors and we have to keep investing in them with energy.

We have challenges and opportunities ahead. In the last 12 months we have seen many political changes happening in Korea as well as Italy, tensions between Korea and neighboring countries, and a general economic situation that is not in great shape. Nevertheless, there is always an increasing attention to Korea shown by the Italian entrepreneurs and a will to better understand this market. The ITCCK will keep operating to make Korea even more attractive for Italian investments as well as to create broader business links among Italian and Korean companies. We are continuously evaluating new ideas to be competitive and dynamic in a challenging business environment, be reassured that the Chamber as a whole (Board and staff) is totally engaged. We are continuously analyzing new trends in business, opportunities in new sectors, and evaluating strategies to increase our commercial presence in Korea.

In conclusion, as President of the ITCCK and on behalf of the Board that I represent, let me share also this year with all the ITCCK members my enthusiasm and determination to make the Italian Chamber even more successful in the near future.

Alessio Ferraresso