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It is a great honor and privilege for me to continue to fulfill my mandate as the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of Korea (ITCCK). The last two years have been full of events for the Chamber of Commerce and also for the overall political scenario, both in Italy and South Korea, resulting in more opportunities for the members of the Chamber. Now is a time to build on our successes and continue to move forward, with a focus on strengthening our programs, networking activities and growing our membership.

In this environment, I am always very committed to make all the necessary efforts to strengthen the trade relations between Italy and Korea. As usual, I can count on a great team: the ITCCK Secretariat, effectively led by Mr. Roberto Martorana, his staff, our advisors and all the friends and members who play institutional roles in the Chamber. Let me also thank the Ambassador of Italy to Korea, H.E. Marco Della Seta, as well as the Embassy as a while and all the Italian institutions based in this country for the essential cooperation with the ITCCK activities.

Italian entrepreneurs show increasing attention for the Korean market, especially in 2018 with the occasion of significant events like the Winter Olympic Games. To promote and support such positive trend the ITCCK will work hard to make Korea even more attractive for Italian investments, as well as to create boarder business links among Italian and Korean companies.

We hope this enables our members to broaden their understanding of the Korean market, identify opportunities that are of benefit to their businesses and make their companies very successful.

In conclusion, with the full support of the Board and the Chamber, I am optimistic about our future, the importance and the relevance to the Italian industry of our continued activity in South Korea and beyond. Best regards,

Alessio Ferraresso